We have the winners!

The winners of our lottery powered by our official partners have been drawn! The names have been picked up randomly amongst the participants registered on the first stage – Virtual Blink Classics and having submitted their activities.

The winner will be contacted shortly by email to plan the delivery of their prize!

Not won this time? No worries, you will have two more occasions to win one of those prizes by participating the two next stages!

Discover the name of our lucky winners:

Edgar Hirsch Northug Gold Edition sunglasses
Jörg Gerstengarbe Northug Gold Edition sunglasses
Ireneusz Rabski Northug Gold Edition sunglasses
Mikhail Chistalev Northug Gold Edition sunglasses
Stefan Eich Maurten Fuel pack
Henric Johansson Maurten Fuel pack
Niklas Peil Maurten Fuel pack
František Landa Maurten Fuel pack
Luboš Krejza Maurten Fuel pack
Peter Eich Coxa Carry Belt
Andreas Tannert Coxa Carry Backpack
Luis Collantes IDT classic rollerski
Anni Rohila IDT classic rollerski