Teams Lager 157 and Parkettpartner Sjusjoen well prepared to succeed in summer.

Today we are glad to present 2 iconic teams of the long distance skiing circuit! Team Lager 157 will for the first time bring the team on every stages of the tour and you can be sure to see them play in the front! Team Parkettpartner Sjusjoen has certainly the best squad to fight for the youth champion bib, and is also eager to reach a stage victory.


Team Lager 157

The iconic black suits Swedish team is showing up for the first time as a pro team in summer races. Ranked 3rd last winter, position gained after a strong battle until the last races, they are for sure coming with a will to win the overall pro team ranking.

Under the blue and yellow flag there will be a new Norwegian recruit, Øyvind Moen Fjeld, who will fight for stage victories as his Swedish teammates.

On the women’s side, Britta Johansson Norgren has already shown her abilities on wheels by winning the first Blink Festival 60km classic.

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Team Parkettpartner Sjusjoen

Last year, they reached a solid 5thplace in the Guide World Classic Tour pro team competition. For the upcoming season, they are coming back with a bigger and stronger team. Despite the loss of their best athlete, Maria Gräfnings, they signed two new athletes aiming for the pink jersey, and why not, a stage victory. In the squad this summer, Sofie Elebro, the defending Ski Classics youth champion, and Runar Skaud Mathisen, GWCT youth champion 2018.

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