Team BN Bank and Team Serneke registered on Guide World Classic Tour

Time has come to present the two last Guide WCT Teams registered on this second edition! Those two teams will celebrate their first year existence and has already been playing in the front last winter on their first Visma Ski Classics season! Presentation!

Team BN Bank

Team BN bank is an ambitious group of experienced athletes that are aiming to perform as well as one skies (and rollerskies)  than out of the ski tracks. Their objectives are to play the first roles during the race but also to be visible and get attention from the public and the media. Their recipes? Having fun and giving fun! Last winter the three athletes figured in the top 10 of the Visma Ski Classic Champion ranking: Pedersen 5th – Pettersen 7th and Østensen 9th. How exciting it will be to have them on the tour this year again to see them fighting for the first position and certainly victories!

Team Manager: Sigurd Granmark

Athletes: Øystein Pettersen, Simen Østensen, Morten Eide Pedersen

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Team Serneke

The one year old Swedish team has been released last year on Alliansloppet 2016, since, they have done a tremendous start on both summer and winter seasons! The team goals are to inspire people to connect with sport and support the next generation of cross-country skiers. Indeed, Team Serneke counts on board two athletes (Bob Impola and Andreas Holmberg) who would certainly occupied an important role in collecting points for the Youth bib rewarding the U25 athletes. The experimented Sara Lindborg will represent an excellent favourite in the pursuit of the yellow bib of Champion. She has been the author of a brilliant season last year on Visma Ski Classics taking a 4th place on the overall ranking. Moreover the team just release an important news, the former team Leaseplan athlete and World Classic Tour 2016 Champion bib and Youth bib winner Anders Mølmen Høst will join the the group! In resume, this talented team will be certainly one of  the animator of the summer!

Team Manager: Martin Holmstrand

Athletes: Sara Lindborg, Bob Impola, Andreas Holmberg, Anton Lindblad, Anders Mølmen Høst

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Guide WCT TEAM, what is it?

On the 2017 edition of Guide World Classic Tour, the teams and clubs aiming to compete for the team ranking and collect points have to be registered as a Guide WCT Team. Then, the team members (top single woman and and top two men on each stage) will collect individuals points on the CHAMPION and SPRINT ranking that will added to give the overall points of the team. At the end of the season, the best Team will receive 20% of the overall Guide WCT prize money: 6000 euros!

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