Slind, Musgrave and Team Koteng on the top of Guide World Classic Tour 2019 !

Slind, Musgrave and Team Koteng on the top of Guide World Classic Tour 2019 !

She was the defending champion 2018, and she made it again this season for a second consecutive overall win. Astrid Øyre Slind came to the first stage Blink Classics as favourite, and showed she was still the world number one by winning the first race of the season. The day after she impressed everyone with an incredible time at Lysebotn Opp double poling for her second victory in two days. The member of Team Koteng improved her first overall position and leaded by 70 points, followed by the young and talented Thea Krokan Murud from Team Ragde Eiendom, also best Youth of the season IV. The two first places were settled as Linn Sömskar won the Alliansloppet, and later Heidi Weng took Toppidrettsveka 47k. Behind the top two, the fight was more intense, but at the end it’s another girl from Team Koteng, Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes, who climbed on the podium.

For his first participation, Andrew Musgrave entered into the Guide World Classic Tour as no one before. The British skier from Team Koteng won the two first races in Norway ahead of every specialists and top World Cup athletes. Morten Eide Pedersen, third overall last season, has challenged Musgrave all along the fourth edition as he climbed twice on the podium. But the Norwegian from Team Jobstation stayed at the third overall position, as Petter Eliassen came back on the top two after a strong end of season. The pink jersey has changed of shoulders after every stage, but at the end, the winner of Toppidrettsveka Alexander Bolshunov  was crowned best youth of the season.

The individual lead of Slind and Musgrave didn’t secure the first place for Team Koteng on the overall Team ranking before the last stage. The fight was hard with the best team of last season, Team Ragde Eiendom, as they have reached the second place on both women and men standings, and taking a lot of points with different athletes on every intermediate sprints. With two stages win for each of these two teams, Lager 157 Ski Team wasn’t able to challenge them but took a very good third place. Finally, thanks to Musgrave’s second place at Toppidrettsveka, Team Koteng has been awarded Team Champion, few points ahead of Team Ragde Eiendom.

The green jersey rewarding the best sprinter has been played until the very last intermediate sprint between Emil Persson and Oskar Kardin. Kardin finally took the best with a short advance of 10 points. On the women side, the yellow bib older Astrid Øyre Slind also got the biggest amount of points for the sprint champion ranking.

Last but not least, by demonstrating great effort or qualities of sportsmanship, Erland Kvisle, Oskar Kardin and Iivo Niskanen have been rewarded with Athlete of the day prizes.



Standings recap :

GWCT Champion Men 2019

1          Andrew Musgrave    Team Koteng

2          PetterEliassen          Team Ragde Eiendom

3          Morten Pedersen      Team Jobstation

4          Stian Hoelgaard         Team Koteng

5          Alexander Bolshunov

6          Kasper Stadaas


GWCT Champion Women 2019

1          Astrid Øyre Slind                   Team Koteng

2          Thea Krokan Murud            Team Ragde Eiendom

3          Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes         Team Koteng


GWCT Team 2019

1          Team Koteng

2          Team Ragde Eiendom

3          Lager 157 Ski Team

4          Team Jobstation

5          Team Parkettpartner Sjusjøen


GWCT Youth Champion Men 2019

1          Alexander Bolshunov

2          Kasper Stadaas

3          Erland            Kvisle


GWCT Youth Champion Women 2019

1          Thea   Krokan Murud          Team Ragde Eiendom

2          Heidi   Weng

3          Hedda Østberg Amundsen


GWCT Sprint Champion Men 2019

1          Oskar  Kardin                        Team Ragde Eiendom

2          Emil    Persson          Lager 157 Ski Team

3          Gjøran Holstad Tefre


GWCT Sprint Champion Women 2019

1          Astrid Øyre Slind                   Team Koteng

2          Hedda Østberg Amundsen

3          Heidi   Weng


GWCT Athlete of the day 2019

1          Blink Classics             Erland Kvisle

2          Alliansloppet              Oskar Kardin – Team Ragde Eiendom

3          Toppidrettsveka        Iivo Niskanen