Lysebotn Opp Double Polling!!!

There is some fresh news on Guide World Classic Tour!

Every year the best skiers in the world where challenging themselves on the very tough and mythical Lysebotn Opp. The Norwegian Alpes d’Huez will be climb in 2019 in an even hardest way: in double polling technique! This unique climb will be extremely demanding, both physically and mentally. Imagine to keep up the pace on rollerski along the 7 km and 10% average climb and this only with your arms.

The athletes, organisers and broadcasters excited! 

“- No one has trained for this. So long. It is so extreme”, commenting national team runner Martin Johnsrud Sundby. “- It is steep and will be a tough race. It is a challenge to prepare for”, says Sundby. Martin Johnsrud Sundby knows how steep Lysebotn Opp is. Using only your arms becomes even more tiring. The veteran has not made any plans for the coming season but says:

– I really want to participate there. It’s a new and very attractive challenge. The probability that I participate is very big, says the Sundby, who has won the traditional Lysebotn Opp in Skating technique once in his career.

The national team Sjur Røthe is positive:

“- I think it is exciting, innovative and cool. For my part, it is relevant. You should not look away because I double poll Lysebotn. For us top runners it becomes more and more common. Double Polling is a technique that pays off, even though I’m still a fan of diagonal.” Røthe thinks the long-distance runners get another good opportunity to play in the front: “- This event includes everything and everyone, and for long distance skiers, who do not skate so much, it gives a very good opportunities.”

Talking about long distance skiers, Øystein Pettersen doesn’t seems scared of this new challenge and likes the organisers that think out of the box: “- Staking up provides spectacular images. For the elite, it will be feasible and a really good challenge and test. It will certainly attract even more long-distance runners and contribute to an even wider range of great sports on Blink Festival.”

NRK, broadcaster of Blink Festival has also welcomed the news very positively, Lysebotn Opp is one of the most successful sport program of the Norwegian Television in Summer. Last year, 1.5 million TV viewers where in front of their screen to watch the mythical climbs.

The traditional Lysebotn Opp is skating technique will remains. The double pollers will start 5 min after the skaters.

So get ready for a spectacular climb on Thursday 1st of August 2019.

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