GWCT Teams

Discover the 17 Guide WCT Teams registered for the Season III - 2018!


TOP 10 Guide World Classic Tour Teams 2017

Team Santander

Rank: 1
Points: 1727

Team Koteng

Rank: 2
Points: 1250

Team BN Bank

Rank: 3
Points: 1080

Team Serneke

Rank: 4
Points: 760

Team Trentino Robinson Trainer

Rank: 5
Points: 694

Team Tynell

Rank: 6
Points: 440

Team Lyn Ski Moseteråsen

Rank: 7
Points: 404

Team ParkettPartner

Rank: 8
Points: 316

Team Forever Nordic

Rank: 9
Points: 303
Team Lyn Ski

Team Rustad

Rank: 10
Points: 279


Teams wanted to compete for World Classic Tour TEAM's points must be registered as a World Classic Tour TEAM.
Team's registration for World Classic Tour 2018 is free of charges.
The application to register a team must be send to
More information in rules