Dream start line on Blink Classics 2018 !

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Celebrating its third year of existence, Blink Classics will welcome the biggest name of the cross-country skiing world the 1st of August 2018 !

The superlatives are missing when reading the name of the athletes registered on the 60 km long race from Ålgaard to Sandnes. Northug, Sundy, Holund, Kruger, Røthe, Ustiugov, Bolshunov, Harvey, Musgrave, Niskanen, Manificat, De Fabiani and much more!  And this is only the World Cup athletes! Nygaard, Høst, Aukland, Gjerdalen, Pedersen, Fjeld, Østensen, Impola, Hoelgaard, Jespersen, Dahl, … for the long distance specialists side!

Don’t try to remember the last time you have seen so many great names gathered on the same start line, because it probably never happened! Last year, Martin Sundby together with Kruger had pulverised the time record of the race, arriving 30 min earlier than expected in Sandnes after a supersonic race. The long distance specialists, surprised and traped in the peloton didn’t get the chance to play the first positions. You can be sure that most of them will arrive on this 1st of August with a revenge spirit, well decided to play in the front on this third edition! Anders Mølmen Høst (Team Serneke), current leader of the Champion Bib ranking and in an exceptional shape on this beginning of summer will have a lot to do to keep the bib on his shoulder!

On the women side, the best long-distance specialists will be present, with Astrid Øyre Slind, leader of the Champion and Sprint bibs, Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes (Guide WCT overall winner in 2017), Mazako Ishida (Reistadlopet 2018 winner) and the always dangerous Justyna Kowalczyk  as she won two Guide WCT stages last year in two apparitions!

Get ready for a thrilling race across the beautiful  Norwegian sceneries, through lakes, mountains and fjords!

Guide World Classic TourBlink Classics is for everyone !!!

You too come along and participate to this beautiful event. There is still some places available to register and to race along the best skiers in the world! This year the organisers propose 4 different distances that will for sure fit with your level and expectations! Come and join the 60 km (for elite skier), 50km, 20 or 14 km!

Never tried rollerskiing yet? You still have 4 weeks to practice! If not, come to cheer up on the side on the road for the amazing champions present on this Blink Classics 2018 edition! On wheels or by feet, see you in Sandnes the 1st of August!

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