Astrid Øyre Slind and Anders Malmøn Høst winner of Olaf Skoglunds Minneløp!

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Anders Malmøn Høst took a new victory on Olaf Skoglunds Minneløp after a tough fight and an impressive comeback !!! Astrid Øyre Slind in great shape, took the best over Maria Gräfnings after a long duel.

It was such a beautiful day to go rollerski in Kragerø on this Saturday, the sun was shining and the temperature around 20 degrees.

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The women started at 11.30 and from the very first kilometres of the race,  Slind, Gjeitnes and Gräfnings split away of the group to make the race in the front. A fight between Gjeitnes and Slind started on every intermediary sprints. Slind took eventually the two Guide WCT sprints to finally wear the green bib of the best sprinter. At 17 km km of the finish, Gräfnings and Slind got away and imposed a very fast pace on the challenging last kilometres separating them from Dragendal Biathlon Stadium and from  the finish line. Eventually, Slind broke away from Maria Gräfnings to take her first victory on Olaf Skoglunds Minneløp and the Yellow bib of leader of the overall ranking! Maria Gräfnings took a good second place (+35 sec), followed by Gjeitnes (+8min 45sec).

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The men race has been extremely animated, everyone was eager to get back to the competition and measure their strength on this early summer! A group of six elements has split away a got up to 2 minutes of advance on the peloton. The first intermediary sprints have been very disputed. At 30 km from the finish the group ran smaller and smaller, 4 elements were still pushing hard to take a maximum of time to the peloton. Simen Østensen, Vegard Vinje, Torleif Syrstad and Vinjar Skogholm were 2min 50 of peloton who started to react and increase the pace. At 15 km fro the finish, Østensen and Vinje broke away and were throwing their last strengths in the battle. But it would not be enough for them to secure the podium! Coming extremely hard from the back, Anders Malmøen Høst and Gjerdalen overpassed them in the final climb to Gautefall Biathlon Stadium. Eventually, Høst broke away and Gjerdalen got caught up by the Yellow bib holder Morten Eide Pedersen. Høst in a great day took a second victory on Olaf Skoglunds after an supersonic end of the race! Pedersen took the second position in a sprint with Gjerdalen, third. Fourth place for Øyvind Moen Fjeld and fifth place for the new Youth bib leader, Magnus Vesterheim.

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Guide WCT standings after OSM:

CHAMPION WOMEN: Astrid Øyre Slind / Team Koteng

SPRINT WOMEN: Astrid Øyre Slind/ Team Koteng

YOUTH WOMEN: Gina Flugstad Øistuen / Team LYN SKI Moserteråsen


CHAMPION MEN: Anders Mølmen Høst / Team Serneke

SPRINT MEN: Vegard Vinje / Team LYN SKI Moserteråsen

YOUTH MEN: Magnus Vesterheim / Team Kaffebryggeriet



1st Team Koteng

2nd Team Ragde Eiendom

3rd Team LYN Ski


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