Two leaders stand out after the first two races

The first stage of the Guide World Classic Tour is now behind us, and the battles for the different standings are still very close before the Alliansloppet.

Andrew Musgrave of Great Britain got the maximum amount of 300 points with his two victories at Blink Classics and Lysebotn Opp. Behind him and with 225 points, Morten Eide Pedersen, who claimed two podiums in Norway, will be the number one challenger for the current leader. Petter Eliassen of team Ragde Eiendom is coming off a great performance at the Lysebotn Opp to reach the third overall position but closely followed by 3 other athletes including his new teammate Anders Aukland.

The Blink Festival stage showed that Astrid Øyre Slind was still the world number one after last year overall victory. The member of the team Koteng won the two races in Sandnes to improve her first position and lead by 70 points. The young and talented Thea Krokan Murud, also best Youth, follows her in second position. To complete the current podium, Murud’s teammate of team Ragde Eiendom Emilie Fleten is third.







With a strong 10thplace at the overall and a total of 80 points, Erland Kvisle got the youth leader bib. But the Blink Classics athlete of the day didn’t secure his place, as Max Novak and Magnus Vesterheim are respectively 5 points and 6 points behind.

For the sprint green bib, the fight is on between last year sprint champion Oskar Kardin and the Swedish of Lager 157 Ski Team Emil Persson. Of these two sprinters, Persson took the best, 3 points ahead of Kardin.

As a number one team last year, the strength of team Ragde Eiendom is not surprisingly seen as something that gives them a number of options for the final victory. Leading the Guide World Classic Tour team ranking at the moment, their biggest challenger for the season seems to be the team Koteng, as they count two girls in the top 4 and Stian Hoelgaard in the top 8 for men.


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