The first ever Lysebotn Opp double polling goes to Slind and Musgrave !

The second stage of Guide World Classic Tour was a very special challenge: climb the mythical Lysebotn Opp only with the strength of the upper body.
They raced it for the performance, for the challenge or simply to be one of the 50 skiers who took part of the first edition of the iconic Lysebotn Opp in double polling.
A successful first edition…
Astrid Øyre Slind made it double after yesterday’s win at Blink Classics. The yellow bib older started the climb in first and increased the gap slowly all along the hard way to the finish. A promising Emilie Fleten took the second place, when the double Olympic Champion Justyna Kowalczyk skied to the 3rd position. Only 9 seconds behind the podium and coming to the fourth place, Thea Krokan Murud was strong enough to keep the pink Youth jersey.
The men’s race started on a strong pace after Russian Alexander Panzhinskiy left the group to take the intermediate sprint. The race was stepped up when a trio made of Pedersen, Musgrave and Røthe made the first real break away. The British skier took the best on his contender to cross the line 28 seconds ahead of Morten Eide Pedersen. Sjur Røthe completes the podium. Andrew Musgrave’s time of 30:52 puts him 2 minutes and 22 seconds only behind the best skating time of Krüger.
With 2 victories in a row, Astrid Øyre Slind from Team Koteng and Andrew Musgrave will race the next stage Alliansloppet with the leader bib.

The result of the race:  here
The new distinctive bibs leaders: here