Team Ramudden and Team Kaffebryggeriet to state their ambition for the GWCT

Last but not least of the teams presentation with Team Ramudden and Team Kaffebryggeriet. Two rising squads willing to perform on every stages of the series.

Team Ramudden

Beside Lina Korsgren, Vasaloppet 2018 winner, Team Ramudden has built a strong crew of young skiers. There are almost the same members as last year, but the biggest change is the new partner, Ramudden. The Guide World Classic Tour is a great opportunity for some youth athletes to race their first long distances, when the others will fight for victory. Under the control of Gustaf Korsgren, rewarded Pro Team Director of the year 2019, the “made in Sweden team” dressed in yellow is willing to wear the yellow of the champion bib too!

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Team kaffebryggeriet

Team Kaffebryggeriet

The Lillehammer based team is not entering the Guide World Classic Tour series for training. They announced they will fight for the podium on each stage, and are also running for the youth and sprint jersey. This is an ambitious goal they can afford to reach as they have skilled athletes for that.

Given the talent of the entire squad, it is very likely that the existing hierarchies will be overthrown.

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