Team Ragde Eiendom and Team XPND ready for Guide World Classic Tour 2019!

The season is approaching and the teams are gathering their members! Discover our 12 Guide WCT Teams that will animate your summer! Todays presentations are Team Ragde Eiendom and Team XPND.

Team Ragde Eiendom

Team Ragde Eiendom is the oldest professional ski team on the Ski Classics series. It is also considered to be the world number one long distance races team according to its several victories in every of the most famous races such as the Vasaloppet, Marcialonga, and more.

Despite the loss of Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes, – 2nd of the last Guide World Classic Tour overall ranking -, Sofie Elebro and Øyvind Moen Fjeld ; two new and talented girls, Emilie Fleten and Thea Krokan Murud, and the comeback of Petter Eliassen will be decisive to strengthen the squad to the top.

Will this be enough to win the Pro Team overall ranking for the second time in a row?

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The Guide World Classic Tour welcomes a new Norwegian team, Team XPND. Even though struggling with lots of sickness and bad luck last winter, they claimed to a more than decent first season in the Visma Ski Classics. The “girl power team”, with more ladies than men in the crew, is aiming to confirm its potential on wheels.

It is surely a team to follow in the fight for pink jersey in the female category, and some top 10 places for both men and women.

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