Team Koteng, Team Telemark and Team Trentino Robinson Trainer registered for Guide World Classic Tour 2018!

Team Koteng, Team Telemark and Team Trentino Robinson Trainer are officially registered as Guide World Classic Tour Teams for the season 2018!

Three more teams are joining the tour this season. Two are coning from Norway and one from Italy! Presentation:


Second best team last season on Guide World Classic Tour, this Norwegian team, former Team United Bakeries is one of those whom leads and trusts the first positions in winter and in summer!

” – TEAM KOTENG is one of the strongest team on the long distance circuit and has encountered many major victories on the most mythical race on winter time. Last season on World Classic Tour, Astrid Øyre Slind ended second in the fight for the GUIDE WCT Champion bib, she will certainly aim for the victory this year. The men will also be redoubtable opponents in the fight for the overall Champion ranking and the yellow bib! Last year Team Koteng took the second place in the overall Team ranking. This summer they hope to be at the top of the hierarchy!”

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First year participation for this Norwegian team coming from Telemark region as his named is stating. The team possess very strong and talented athletes whom could aim for the best positions on every stages and for the distinctive bibs. We are looking forward to see them on the tour this year and see what they can do in confrontation with the top long distance teams!

“-Team Telemark is a team based in the cradle of skiing; Telemark, Norway. The team compete in both allround cross country skiing and Ski Classics during the winter. It is a big team with a total of 16 athletes. Team Telemark won the youth jersey last year in World Classic Tour with Runar Skaug Mathisen, who also finished seven in the overall standings.”

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The only Italian team registered on Guide World Classic Tour this season gathers excellent skiers and top profiles as the Polish Justyna Kowalczyk, who won two stages on the Tour last season! This team will get an extra motivation on the last stage on the Fiemme Rollerski Cup as they will competing home.

“- The only Italian long distance skiing team with the power of Justyna Kowalczyk and the determination of young Italian skiers. Team Trentino Robinson Trainer will also compete during the summer season on Guide World Classic Tour supported by the experience of Bruno Debertolis as Team Director.”

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