Sömskar and Stadaas dominate Alliansloppet 2019

There was a Tour de France feeling in this 2019 edition of Alliansloppet, with early breakaway, team strategies and a massive sprint at the end !



The race has started on the fastest pace we’ve ever seen here, but it didn’t stop Oskar Kardin to make the first breakaway after 5 kilometres only. The sprinter of the Team Ragde Eiendom got some help by juniorman Amund Riege, and together worked as teammates to make a big gap of 34 seconds on the chasing group. As they came to the first sprint, last year sprint champion Kardin took the best on Riege to get some important points for the green bib.


The women’s group was leaded by favourites Falk, Sömskar, Korsgren and Gjeitnes for the entire first lap. It is only before the first intermediate sprint that Astrid Øyre Slind decided to take the race on her own and increased the pace to take the 40 points awarded to the first athlete. She continued her effort to the top of the hill, closely followed by Hedda Bangmann and later by a chasing group of 15 skiers.


At 16 kilometres to the finish line, Emil Persson got the maximum amount of points on second sprint. On the top of the hill after the sprint, Jespersen tried a breakaway. As no one has been able to follow, he raced almost one full lap alone. The long way back to the city has stopped his chance of victory, and we saw a pack of more than 20 skiers going to a massive sprint again.

Anton Karlson from Lager 157 Ski Team was the first to cross the finish line, but after a jury decision to disqualify some of the athletes, the final victory goes to Kasper Stadaas who claims his first Guide World Classic Tour win. The second place went for Vegard Vinje when Calle Halfvarsson climbs on the podium for the third time in his career. Andrew Musgrave, leader of the Tour, finished in 13thplace.


The last lap for the women was from far the fastest of the race. Astrid Øyre Slind and last year winner Linn Sömskar made a concrete breakaway. They skied together for more than five kilometres before Hanna Falk catch them back after a strong individual initiative. They came side by side to the last 300m to the finish line, and after a very long sprint, Swedish Linn Sömskar took home victory ahead of Hanna Falk. The Guide World Classic Tour leader bib older Astrid Øyre Slind showed up in third place.


All of them will have one last chance to fight against each other’s with the Toppidretsveka on Thursday.