Skimarathon Team Austria wins the first Virtual World Classic Tour!

The Austrians, supported worldwide by an impressive of skiers have offered us an incredible ending on this first Virtual World Classic Tour!

Before the final stage, the team was occupying the second place of the podium with only 6 km behind the german team A|N Skimarathon Team. But the Austrian have realised the prowess of gathering more than 100 supporters on the final stage – Virtual Toppidrettsveka and collect 3234 km which represent nearly 1/3 of the distance realised by all the participants!

The very first version of the Virtual Tour is coming to an end and we would like to thanks and congratulate all the teams, amateurs and pro skiers that have taken part of it! We are proud to have activated more than 900 people from 22 different nations on our three virtual stages!

In total, the participants have completed almost 30 000 km which represent 3/4 of a full tour of the planet earth at the equator or the equivalent of a flight Paris – Perth back and forth! What an impressive performance!

You can find below the overall team ranking here:

Individual results Virtual Toppidrettsveka:

The individual competition was the occasion for all the participant to test and challenge themselves with the equipment and the track of their choice!

The fastest time on the Virtual Toppidrettsveka were signed by Yann Berlogey in 1:24:58 and Franziska Müller in 2:04:39!

While some participants where choosing particularly easy road with a descendant profile some other decided to make their 47 km a real challenge. It was the case for the french Clément Mailler from Rollerski Racing Team, that climb two times in a row the Col de la Loze in the French Alps with a total of 2 600m of positive climb and average road at 10%!  A long activity cleared in an impressive time of 4h06!

You can find here all the results of the Virtual Toppidrettsveka (use the filter to choose the right list amongst the different distances):

Overall individual results Virtual World Classic Tour:

The women and men overall competition podiums:


  1. Franziska Müller in 7:03:37
  2. Nicole Donzallaz in 7:06:13
  3. Corina T. Madreiter Sokolowski in 7:30:18


  1. Maksim Vylegzhanin in 5:54:05
  2. Tommy Bylund in 6:00:47
  3. Adam Blomberg in 6:06:44


  1. Anna-Maria Wörndle in 4:28:14
  2. Petra Tanner in 4:58:47
  3. Sophia Sennewald in 5:30:07


  1. Marek Rein in 3:37:36
  2. Lorenzo Cerutti in 3:41:22
  3. Felix Kappelsberger in 3:54:30


  1. Anna Wikström in 1:49:24
  2. Šárka Štádlerová in 1:55:19
  3. Anni Rohila in 1:57:52


  1. Marek Pazderský in 1:26:25
  2. Matthias Waldauf in 1:43:29
  3. Peter Kiene in 1:52:29

Congratulation to all of you that have cleared the 3 stages! You can find the full overall ranking here.

The final draw of the lucky winners of our partners prizes will be done and published tomorrow on our social media and website!