Guide WCT Team – Three more teams registered!

Team Tynell, Team Robinson Trainer and Team Lyn Ski on Guide World Classic Tour! Discover them and their objectives…

Team TynellTeam Tynell

Team Tynell was started as a long distance team consisting of the two brothers Daniel and Rikard. Now, Daniel has retired, taking the role as a team captain. Composed of the long distance legend Jerry Ahrlin and the talented Laila Kveli, the team becomes even more competitive this summer with the arrival of Jens Eriksson. The team will aim for victories on the second editions of Guide World Classic Tour!

Athletes: Laila KVELLI (SWE), Rikard TYNELL (SWE), Jerry Ahrlin (SWE), Jens ERIKSSON (SWE)

Team Manager: Daniel TYNELL

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Team Robinson TrainerTeam Robinson Trainer

For us it is always nice to confront us with the strongest double poler in the world, and doing so in the summer will help us understand what our preparation is going to be. We are the only Italian team on the tour and have the final of the Guide World Classic Tour circuit in Italy stimulating us to arrive in good condition on that day. 


Team Manager: Bruno DEBERTOLIS

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Team Lyn SkiLyn Ski

The tour provides a great opportunity for us to compete during summer time. First of all, we would like to do the best team effort as possible. That is, improve the 7th place from the team competition last year. That being said, we also have the possibility to compete for the Youth bib (Joar Thele) as well as the Sprint bib (Vegard Vinje), and this is something we will consider as the tour progresses.

Athletes: Barbro SAETHA (NOR), Vegard VINJE (NOR), Sondre GROENVOLD (NOR), Joar Andreas THELE (NOR), Stian Roti SVENDBY (NOR)

Team Manager: Vegard VINJE

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Guide WCT TEAM, what is it?

On the 2017 edition of Guide World Classic Tour, the teams and clubs aiming to compete for the team ranking and collect points have to be registered as a Guide WCT Team. Then, the team members (top single woman and and top two men on each stage) will collect individuals points on the CHAMPION and SPRINT ranking that will added to give the overall points of the team. At the end of the season, the best Team will receive 20% of the overall Guide WCT prize money: 6000 euros!

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